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"There was one Elephant--a new Elephant--an Elephant's Child--who was full of 'satiable curiosity, and that means he asked ever so many questions. And he lived in Africa, and he filled all Africa with his 'satiable curiosities." Rudyard Kipling

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hilf mir zu helfen, ach, mein Gott

Today I heard a story sorrowful
In my ears. Hope was hurt beyond the best
Of mortal help. I covered my head just
To give grief some scant privacy. But oh,
But hated shunning sorrow as it looked
For help in my eyes. I can watch, though long
The night, pray my words will keep greedy winds
From scattering you far away and lost
Forever. But your full remedy, sad
And wretched true, is not in me—I've searched
In vain in the long, raging nights. Ach, Gott.

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